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Calvin C. Williams, PhD., is an Environmental Engineer. He is the president, CEO, Chief Instructor, and Founder of Professional Safety Training Services (PSTS), Inc., a minority and veteran-owned, International, Environmental, Construction, and Health & Safety Training Firm, located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Williams is also the Owner of the Cal-Tech Learning Center and Executive Director of the Universal speakers Bureau. He recently founded the Safety Speakers Services Company which features him as a Speaker that specializes on presenting Safety Awareness Seminars and Safety Workshops.

Dr. Williams is a Motivational Safety Speaker. He is often referred to as “Dr. Motivator.” He developed a special technique that he uses to put his audiences at ease, makes them laugh, and provides them with the knowledge they will need to acquire in order to comply with State and Federal regulations and to ensure their safety at work and during recreational activities. Everyone that has attended his classes or seminars claim that his presentations were interesting, informative, and never boring. They also claim that they learned a lot of valuable information from his Motivational Lectures.

Since 1988 he has encouraged and taught thousands of people throughout the USA, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico how to avoid injuries from unsafe work practices. Although most of his speeches and seminars pertain to Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response, he is often called upon by many fortune 500 companies to motivate and encourage their employees to work safely and be more productive.

Over a period of 50 years while working for numerous industrial and commercial firms as a Safety Professional, Williams has visited the scene of many disasters, i.e., during the horrible aftermath of destruction at the World Trade Center in New York City and in New Orleans, Louisiana shortly after the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina. He taught safety and emergency response techniques to many Construction and HAZMAT workers that were responsible for assisting with the rescue of survivors during both disasters including those workers that assisted with rescues after the devastating Hurricane Rita.

Williams has witnessed and investigated many work-related accidents that caused serious injuries and fatalities. He shares his experiences with his audiences and includes realistic stories in his speeches. He has a unique way of painting words into pictures in such a manner that people that attend his safety seminars or workshops can best understand and are most likely to remember for a longer period of time.

Because Quality Control, Security, and Safety Training activities are considered by Owners and Managers of some corporations to be overhead administrative functions rather than functions that actually produce revenue for their companies, safety training and safety awareness is usually not a priority. These particular departments are believed to be unnecessary and are often ignored as long as everything is going along well. In some cases they are eliminated.

However, if an incident, serious accident, or if any unexpected emergency should suddenly occur that would present a danger to their facility and employees, they will quickly realize the need to have their workers trained or re-trained in order to prevent serious injuries and fatalities. In some cases the training will have came too late. These departments will then be considered as a necessity. It is a shame that some companies will only take safety awareness seriously after some of their employees have been seriously injured on the job or in the event that their company will have received large expensive fines from State or Federal agencies due to unsafe work practices and failure to adhere to Safety Procedures.

On the other hand, there are a number of Companies of which are clients of PSTS, Inc. that are very safety conscious and truly care about the safety of their personnel regardless of the amount of expenses they may occur and/or salaries they will have to pay in order to ensure that the workplace will be a safe place to work and that their workers will practice safety and remain safe throughout their tenure with the company. These are the type of Environmental, Construction, Commercial and Industrial companies that often engage Safety Speakers Services and Professional Safety Training Services.

The companies that really care about the safety of all of their personnel are the companies that often use Professional Safety Training Services, Inc. to train some of their workers on a periodic basis or preferably engage the service of Dr. Williams to speak on Safety Awareness to large groups of employees within their Corporations. The executive managers of these large corporations have found it be more beneficial, less expensive, and less time consuming for Dr. Williams to visit their facility to speak on Safety Awareness or any Safety-Related subjects to a larger group of their personnel rather than just a few.

It is always wiser and cost-effective for a corporation to invite one individual to visit and speak at their own facilities wherever they are located, instead of spending a considerable amount of money to send a large number of people to the Instructor or Speaker’s location. “Dr. Motivator is ready, willing, and able to speak to a company’s personnel with only a short notice in advance. His speaking fees which include travel, meals, and lodging expenses, are reasonable and the dynamic presentations and/or lectures he will deliver to any type or any size audience will be exciting, motivational and informative. The information he will provide and the manner in which he presents it will long be remembered by everyone that listens to him as he speaks.

Additional information pertaining to Dr. Williams’ speaking qualifications and training expertise can be found by visiting the following web sites:,,, and He can be contacted by calling: 1(800) 758-4440, Fax: (856) 427-9508, e-mail: or write to: Safety Speaker Services – P.O. Box 2133 – Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08034.

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